Emerald Lake – Gem in Canadian Rockies

Emerald Lake and Full Moon Lit Clouds – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

If i were to pick one lake which i liked most in my Canadian Rockies, It would be Emerald lake! That was the first lake we visited during our trip. The surrounding was so calm and reflections were so clear as if i was seeing the mirror image from glass. The feeling i had after seeing that clear water and surreal environment is very hard to describe in words.

My wife and I spent our evening there and saw beautiful sunset ( Photos yet to come). Then we head back for our hotel and drove back in night after having dinner.

Guess what, it was a full moon and views of the lake were beyond imagination. The temperature was just around freezing point but no sign of mist/fog. The clouds were backlit by moon light and were reflecting in lake when passing over the mountain.  

 I took the opportunity to put my 10 Stop ND filter and show the motion of clouds against calm Water in lake.

When i saw the results i was literally jumping and saying to myself OMG OMG…

[ Big Thanks to my Friend Fio for telling me about this image ]

How i made this image

Nikon D800, Nikon 16mm-35mm @ 16mm – F8.0, ISO 200, 166 Sec. ( Long exposure was achieved using BW 10 Stop MRC Filter)

In terms of processing, I cropped image, Increased contrast, Curve Adjustment and Black/White point adjustment. Finally exported using Facebook Plugin.

I hope you will like it. NK


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