Star Trails and Refection Lake, Mt Rainier

Star Trails over Mt Rainier at Reflection Lake, Mt Rainier National Park

 Hi All,

Yesterday was fun day catching action at Mt rainier from sunset to sunrise. I went to Rainier to catch meteor showers but didn’t expected nice wilde flowers. I endup taking much more photos than i expected. I’m still going through all of my Meteor showers photos and sorting them. In mean time, here is my Star trails with Mt Rainier. I’m glad i was able to finally shoot a nice star circle above Mt Rainer.  The Above image is result of around 3 hours of continous shooting.
UPDATE: Forget to mention total number of image. It’s made of total of 58 images.

How i made this image:

Gears: Nikon D800, Nikon 16-35mm F4.

I set my Camera and Tripod for the composition i wanted  and set the timing on my remote intervalometer to take picutres of 5 mins long exposure and 0 sec delays ( Camera on bulb mode).
Each image was shot with: 2.5/5 mins , ISO 800/400 and F4 exposure.

In terms of processing, Exported all RAW images to Full size JPEG using Lightroom. I used Star Trail application to do stacking for me. You should really try it if you are interested in Night photography. After this application produced the final stacked image, I opened it in Photoshop. Finally i blended it with foreground image of longer exposure: 6 min, ISO1600, F4. Exported this final image using my social plugin for Blogger and Facebook.

I hope you will like it. NK.


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