Trees, Beach and a Colorful Sunset

Trees, Beach and a Colorful Sunset, Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

This weekend I decided to go to Ruby beach though weather forecast was not great for ocean photography ( not much clouds and not much tides ). I was waiting to go to Ruby beach and Olympic National Park for so long that i thought lets just do it!
I had a great time at beach with my wife. Sunset had decent colors too but sometimes colors are not just sufficient to make a spectacular shot. You need to have clouds to get drama and right waves crashing to get the feel of ocean. None of those were there so i packed my bag and we started going towards car. On the way back i saw these trees against colorful sky and water. I like how trees were contrasting with background. It’s nice to see Motion Vs Calmness ( Trees against Water ) and Cool Vs Warm tones ( Water and sky ) in same shot.

How i made this image
Nikon D800, Nikon 105mm F2.8 Macro,
ISO 50, 105mm , F11 , 2/5 Sec

In terms of Processing, increased some details in shadows. Fixed WB a bit , it was too cool for me. Increased vibrance by 10% and sharpness by 20%. Everything done in Lightroom 4.

I hope you will like it. NK


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